About   Wo.Co.

Work Companion was started with the ambition of creating a HRTech solution that is employee first, can create a culture of transparency and accountability in Small/Medium sized organizations.

We, as consumers, looked at a lot of solutions prevalent in the market today. Whilst the existing solutions do boast a quantum of features and functionalities, they fail to bring in a consistent user experience across varying roles in an organization.

Further, the current solutions focus on digitisation but not Automation. We, as an industry have been able to replace Excels with GUIs but have not been able to empower productivity.

WoCo aims to do exactly that. Our core purpose is to bring in Automation and Real Time Insightful data for HR function and Self Awareness for the Employee/Team Lead Function.


Our Mission

To create people friendly solutions for Employee first organisations.

When you choose work companion, you get more than just a HRMS tool. You get our commitment to constant innovation and our dedication to provide simple and constructive solutions to your most tedious HR pain areas.

Why   Wo.Co.

Traditional HR systems have been created keeping the Employer and the Organisation as the core focus.

The systems prevalent today are focused on digitising (and not automating) processes. Wo.Co. (Work Companion) has been carefully crafted keeping the People/Employees (the core asset of any organisation) in mind. Not only do we automate tedious HR processes that are prone to manual errors, WoCo also provides real time analytics to every single function in an organisation (Employee, Team Lead, Top Management & HR) to inculcate a culture of self awareness and self improvement.

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